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    In January 2000, Nantong Forging Equipment Factory was established to engage in the production, sales and maintenance of small tonnage four-column hydraulic presses.
    In August 2000, the factory was relocated to Huannan Road, Rucheng Town, Rugao City, purchased office buildings and production workshops, purchased some machining equipment, and started mass production of four-column hydraulic presses of 500 tons and below.
    In October 2001, the factory was relocated to Chaiwan Development Zone, Rugao City. In the first phase, 30 mu of land was acquired along the old National Highway 204 to build a three-span standard factory building; thereafter, another 50 mu of land was requisitioned and a five-span standard factory building was continued. The company has purchased large-scale machining equipment such as turning, planing, milling, boring, drilling, and grinding. The production capacity has been greatly improved, and the company has achieved breakthrough development.
    In March 2002, Nantong Forging Equipment Factory was restructured into Nantong Forging Equipment Co., Ltd.
    In January 2004, the company requisitioned more than 120 acres of land along the new National Highway 204 in the Chaiwan Development Zone, building office buildings and more than 20,000 square meters of production workshops.
    Since 2006, the company has invested 120 million yuan to carry out technical transformation in three phases. Newly constructed 12,000 square meters heavy workshop (designed lifting height 20 meters, lifting weight 200 tons), 10,000 square meters super large workshop (designed lifting height 25 Meters, lifting weight of 400 tons), purchased nearly 200 sets of mobile beam gantry mobile CNC boring and milling machine (table 16 5 meters), heavy-duty CNC boring and milling machine and other equipment, with processing and assembly of extra-large hydraulic machines of 10,000 tons and above ability.
    In 2008, the company independently developed a series of mechanical presses.
    In 2009, the company acquired a land area of 40 acres, linking the east and west factories.
    In 2010, the mechanical press entered the mass production stage and became one of the company's main products.
    In November 2010, the company's entire shares were changed to Nantong Forging Equipment Co., Ltd.
    In December 2010, the company requisitioned 70 acres of land on the south side of the new plant and began a new round of technological transformation.