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    Advanced production equipment is the guarantee of product performance. The company pays attention to technological transformation and continuous large-scale technological transformation investment, which has alleviated the bottleneck of production capacity that has been restricting the development of the enterprise to a certain extent. Development of complete sets and lines. At present, the company's comprehensive ability and level of hydraulic product processing and assembly has leapt to the leading level in the domestic industry.
    1> Industry-leading machining capabilities <BR> The company has more than 200 sets of heavy-duty CNC machining machine tools and boring, milling, turning, and grinding machines, of which 11 units are worth more than 3 million yuan, with large and heavy forging equipment The processing capabilities of core components, such as the fuselage, main cylinder, column (pull column), table, slider, mold base, etc., ensure processing accuracy and quality.
    Moving beam gantry mobile CNC boring and milling machine (table 16 5m) GIMAX200 CNC floor boring and milling machine CNC gantry boring and milling machining center
    T6926 floor boring and milling machine CQ5250 / 30 vertical lathe MZ1380 80 cylindrical grinder

    2> Full- featured heat treatment capabilities <BR> The company has large-scale high-temperature annealing furnaces with a volume size of 12,000 4,000 2,500mm, and horizontal intermediate-frequency quenching machines with processing sizes up to Ф1,000 14,000mm. The welded parts are annealed at high temperature to eliminate welding stress, which can meet the surface heat treatment requirements of large-sized columns and piston rods.
    3> Supporting lifting and assembly capacity <BR> In the company's existing production workshop, the lifting capacity is more than 100 tons up to 32,311 square meters (see the table below for details), the designed maximum lifting height is 25 meters, the lifting weight is 400 tons, with 10,000 tons Processing and assembling capacity of the above extra large hydraulic machine.

    Very large assembly workshop