Technological innovation
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    The company has a technology center that is suitable for its own development and has excellent R & D capabilities. The company is now a construction unit of "Jiangsu Super Large Tonnage Forging Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center". The technology center was identified as "Nantong City-level Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center" by Nantong Science and Technology Bureau and Nantong City Economic and Trade Commission as "Nantong City-level Enterprise". Technology Center".

    The company has a scientific research team of dozens of people with a reasonable structure, complete professionalism and rich experience. At the same time, it has established two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD, CAE, CAPP, PDM, CAM, PEAR ANSYS and other information research and development platforms for the technology center. Material testing, physical and chemical analysis, product testing, performance testing, electrical testing and testing, etc. provide sufficient resources for technological innovation.

    At present, the company's R & D tasks are mainly engineering technology centers, two committees and a research base.