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    Innovation mechanism
    With the technological progress and economic development, customers ’demands for metal and non-metal forming processes are personalized and diversified. In order to meet customer needs and maintain the technological advantage of the company in the industry, the company has formulated a medium- and long-term technical development plan. In addition to adhering to the basis of "independent research and development, technological innovation", it has also actively carried out industry-university-research cooperation to provide effective technical support for the company's future development.
    (1) Independent R & D companies have established an innovation mechanism of “leading product development with market demand and leading market demand with research and development results”, formulating relevant science and technology innovation incentive policies and measures, effectively mobilizing the R & D enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel, and ensuring technological innovation Leading and forward looking.
    The company uses the "sales + R & D" model to understand customer needs during the pre-sales communication process, track the latest developments in the customer's industry, pay attention to the characteristics of customer products, especially new products, and analyze customer needs for metal and non-metal forming processes. Through computer numerical simulation, analysis and comparison, expert database system, optimization design, lean manufacturing, etc., we provide customers with a complete set of forming solutions. At the same time, the company tracked the industry's cutting-edge technology in a timely manner, grasped the characteristics and applicability of the latest technology in the forging equipment industry, and created technical conditions for the company's product process improvement, performance improvement, and broadened application fields.
    (2) Cooperative R & D In terms of cooperative R & D, the company adopts various forms of cooperation as required. Usually seek cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes with leading disciplines or technological advantages in professional fields such as heavy machinery, fluid hydraulics, electrical automatic control, etc., to jointly carry out research and development of new products, new technologies and new processes, and jointly undertake national, provincial and municipal The science and technology plan project has formed a cooperative R & D mechanism suitable for the characteristics of the industry and the actual situation of the enterprise over the years.
    (3) Introduce digestion, absorption and re-innovation The company makes full use of domestic and foreign scientific and technological resources, tracks and learns the world's advanced technologies, and continuously improves its technological development and innovation capabilities. Actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts, expand the scope of cooperation, and expand the sources of technology introduction; while independently introducing advanced and applicable technologies, work with domestic scientific research institutions and universities to carry out the digestion, absorption and re-entry of key and common technologies Innovation.