Technological innovation
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    The company's innovation is mainly manifested in integrated innovation, comprehensive use of modern engineering, electronics, computer simulation and network and other high-tech, integrated upgrade of hydraulic presses, mechanical press products, providing metal or non-metal forming solutions for many important industries or fields, Through pre-sales research and design, high-quality manufacturing and fast, professional, and continuous after-sales service, we continue to create value for customers.

    After years of accumulation, the company owns complete sets of independent intellectual property rights for hydraulic presses and presses, forming more than ten series, forty-two specifications, hundreds of varieties of hydraulic presses, press products and production lines (units). At present, the company has 68 patents and 3 software copyrights. Undertook 2 national key new product plans, 4 national torch plan projects, 1 national science and technology major project, Jiangsu Province identified 22 high-tech products, and 2 new technologies and new products that Jiangsu Province focused on promoting and applying. He has also undertaken industrial technical reform projects within the central budget of the National Development and Reform Commission many times, Jiangsu Province ’s scientific and technological research plan, and Jiangsu province ’s scientific and technological achievements transformation fund projects. 5 results transformation and technology promotion and application: large-scale high-performance frame precision forming hydraulic press, double-layer friction material automatic forming hydraulic press, straw forming hydraulic press, large-scale piston rod surface overlay welding process, super-large structure design, analysis and optimization technology, prestressing Wire wound hydraulic press.

    Received a total of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award 1-research and application of embedded intelligent monitoring and integration of manufacturing equipment; Nantong Science and Technology Progress Award 1-closed four-point multi-link press; Rugao Science and Technology Progress Award 2 ——Large high-performance frame precision forming hydraulic press, new frame type CNC multi-point blank holder hydraulic press.

    The above are the outstanding achievements of the company's scientific and technological innovation.