Technological innovation
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    Innovation arrangements <BR> The company will increase investment in scientific research, optimize the company's existing production technology, promote the company's new product development, improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness and economic benefits, and achieve sustainable and rapid development under the principle of pioneering and innovative development of.
    (1) The company will pay close attention to the latest developments in new product development and technology at home and abroad, improve the company's technology research and development system, and improve technology development efficiency.
    (2) Increase investment in technological transformation, improve equipment and equipment level, use new technologies, new processes, new materials, etc. to improve and upgrade existing products, and further improve product quality and process levels.
    (3) Actively participate in the undertaking tasks of national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and industrialize the scientific research results to further improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness.
    (4) While adhering to independent innovation, actively carry out cooperation with colleges and universities and professional scientific research units, and improve the company's R & D and innovation level through cooperative development, purchase of technology, and transformation and implementation.
    (5) Accelerate the research and development of high-precision, high-performance, heavy-duty, and extreme-tonnage-level equipment technologies to provide advanced domestic equipment support for the transformation and upgrading of the national economy.