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    Incentive mechanism <BR> First, the principle of incentives 1, the principle of fairness. Motivating employees refers to all employees, not individual employees. The company will treat all employees equally when it comes to issues involving their vital interests.
    2. The principle of self-worth. Employees work not only to obtain material benefits, the company will provide them with a stage to realize their own value and create social wealth.
    3. The principle of combining rewards and punishments. Rewarding the power and punishing, rewarding the good and punishing the bad, rewarding the diligent and lazy, the advanced is rewarded, the backward is spurred, truly mobilizing the work enthusiasm of employees, forming a competitive situation where everyone is ahead.
    2. Incentive measures 1. Material incentives In line with the principle of “distribute according to work, equal pay for equal work”, the company determines the salary based on the job and changes the salary, while reflecting the importance of the job and the market supply and demand situation; the salary of the employee is linked to performance, and is assessed with the assessment. The results vary.
    2. Spiritual Incentives For employees who have made outstanding contributions, the company will award honorary titles such as top ten employees, quality pacesetters, advanced individuals, etc., report their advanced deeds, and call on employees to learn.
    3. Value incentives The company will set up posts scientifically and arrange them reasonably, arrange the right employees in the right positions, clarify their responsibilities, entrust them with important tasks, and promote their development.