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    JM36 series gantry frame type double point pressure

    Performance characteristics:
    JM36 / JA36 series gantry frame type double-point presses are general-purpose presses for sheet metal stamping. They are widely used in telecommunication equipment, instruments, electrical appliances, clocks, toys, hardware, tractors, automobiles and aviation industries for punching. In addition to various stamping processes such as blanking, bending, and shallow drawing, due to the large work surface, it can also be used for stamping of large sheets, multi-mold production lines, continuous punching and multi-station punching.
    JM36 series is an integral frame type steel plate welding frame, which is tempered as a whole, has good rigidity and no angular deformation; the CNC machining center is clamped for one time, and the machining accuracy is high. The JA36 series fuselage is designed as a closed split frame structure. The fuselage consists of an upper beam column and a workbench which are pre-tensioned by a tie rod and processed after tempering. It has the characteristics of good strength and high precision, and convenient transportation.
    The sliders are welded with steel plates and guided by high precision long guides with four corners and eight sides. The guide rail surface of the fuselage is inlaid with a wear-resistant plate, which has good guiding accuracy and strong anti-biasing ability. The slider has a grease overload protection device. The height of the mold is adjusted by electric adjustment. Up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable.
    The automatic lubrication system of fixed and fixed-quantity thin oil for each bearing pad and guide rail surface is more convenient and reliable.
    The electronic control part mainly uses components from Schneider, Siemens and other well-known brands: the cam controller (in combination with the encoder to control the transmission, the machine tool runs more safely and reliably. The programmable controller (PLC) is used, with the crankshaft rotation angle display and faults Prompt function, convenient maintenance and time saving.
    The safety double valve is adopted, which is reliable in chain and sensitive in response, and it is safe and reliable to control the action of the clutch and brake. Pneumatic double valve PC machine two points control double valve two coils to ensure safety