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    FRP product forming hydraulic press

    This equipment is specially customized for Italian customers. It is mainly used for pressing various kinds of complex shapes or structures of thermosetting SMC \ BMC \ DMC glass fiber reinforced plastic products. This customer is a large Italian multinational company. It is one of the earliest companies in the world to produce SMC products by the molding process. It has world-leading production technology and specializes in providing parts for world-renowned brand car manufacturers and well-known electrical manufacturers. The power supply system provides a dedicated meter box. The company has successively purchased more than 200T-1000T hydraulic presses from our company and used them in branches in Italy, Mexico, Romania and other countries. The custom-made 500T and 1000T hydraulic presses are used by the Romanian factory.
    The machine body adopts an overall frame structure and is guided by an X-shaped guide rail. It has a large area and small clearance, good thermal expansion compensation, strong anti-eccentricity, and good accuracy retention.
    The control system uses a PLC (Mitsubishi) programmable controller, combined with a touch screen control system, using CC-LINK mode. The pressing process control and temperature control are integrated on the touch screen, which can set the pressure, speed, time, process sequence and heating temperature and heating time during the forming process to meet the forming requirements of various products to the maximum extent. The control structure is compact and user-friendly 2. Strong versatility.
    The main actions that can be completed are slider fast down, pre-pressure, exhaust, full pressure, pressure holding, pressure relief, core pulling, slow return, fast return, ejection of the cylinder slow top, fast top, and return to position. Assisted by multiple core-pulling cylinder selection, ejection mode selection, time selection, process sequence selection, etc.
    The position and adjustment of the slider and the lower cylinder are controlled by advanced absolute displacement sensors. Various position parameters can be set through the touch screen, such as pre-pressure height, exhaust height, slow return height, ejection height, etc.
    Adopting Italy Atos proportional valve and German Parker proportional pump, the pressure and speed of each process sequence stage of the equipment can be adjusted separately.
    Considering safe operation, in addition to the light barrier protection, the device is also equipped with a multi-level safety locking device. Select the station to be locked on the touch screen, and the slider will automatically lock at the corresponding station.
    The temperature control uses the latest Mitsubishi temperature control module. The temperature can be set through the touch screen, the measured temperature can be displayed, and the heating control time can be preset in advance according to the work shift.

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