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    Two batches of products exported to Middle East countries were successfully delivered
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    2015-03-28   Li Gang  

    28日 一批黎巴嫩客户来公司生产现场验收所订购的 钢瓶落料生产线。 On March 28 , a group of Lebanese customers came to the company's production site to check and accept the ordered cylinder blanking production line. 一批液压机装箱发运 出口伊朗 ,该液压机主要用于医疗器材的成形制造 ,压制人体骨骼的固定支架。 Another batch of hydraulic presses were shipped and exported to Iran . The hydraulic presses are mainly used for the forming and manufacturing of medical equipment and the fixed brackets for suppressing human bones.

    公司积极应对错综复杂 市场环境, 不断提升质量和服务,每周定期 召开生产质量专题会,从源头抓起,严控采购质量 对采购 配件 严格检验,确保进厂原材料高标准高质量。 Since this year, the company has actively responded to the intricate market environment and continuously improved quality and services. Regular production quality conferences are held every week . Starting from the source, the company strictly controls the quality of purchases, strictly inspects the procurement of parts , and ensures the high standard and high quality of raw materials. . 过程控制,保障加工质量,不断优化工艺流程,提升产品品质 质量监督中心全程 控质量 控制,保障产品加工质量。 Pay close attention to process control, guarantee processing quality, continuously optimize technological processes, improve product quality , and the quality supervision center controls quality control throughout the process to ensure product processing quality. 生产计划 ,科学排产 各部门积极沟通协作,保质、保量、保工期,保证 合同的有效履行,赢得客户的信任。 Reasonable arrangement of production plan , scientific production scheduling , various departments actively communicate and cooperate, quality, quantity and duration to ensure the effective performance of the contract and win the trust of customers.