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    Small reforms solve big problems
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    年度总结表彰大会上,公司董事长郭庆要求在新的一年里强化管理,激发员工的创新力、积极开展小改革、微创新活动 At the 2014 annual summary and commendation meeting, the company's chairman Guo Qing requested to strengthen management in the new year, stimulate staff innovation, and actively carry out small reforms and micro-innovation activities . 生产一线职工参与技术创新的热情日趋高涨,创新成果不断涌现 ,数控车间金荣根,在加工大型法兰过程中,积极开动脑筋,巧妙设计工装夹具,精心编制数控程序,小改小革解决工件加工过程中的诸多难题,提高了生产效率。 Over the past quarter, the company ’s enthusiasm for the production of front-line employees to participate in technological innovation has increased, and innovation results have continued to emerge . Jin Ronggen, a CNC workshop, actively used his brain during the processing of large flanges, skillfully designed tooling fixtures, carefully compiled CNC programs, and changed small. The leather solves many problems in the processing of the workpiece and improves production efficiency.

    Large flanges need to be machined and installed with positioning holes and umbrella-shaped oblique holes. Ф 2350mm大孔中心及12个 Ф 40mm定位孔、16个 Ф 128mm向心斜孔,该工件其余部位已精加工,重量2吨以上,校调工作强度大,辅助时间长,且频繁校调增加出错概率,伞状向心斜孔首次加工,程式数据编制必须科学严谨,这些问题直接影响生产进度和产品质量。 The difficulty in processing lies in the intermittent cutting of the single side at the entrance and exit of the boring during the oblique hole boring, and the large machining allowance and easy chipping; the workpiece needs to be adjusted synchronously with a large hole center of 2350mm and 12 positioning holes of 40mm, 16 One Φ 128mm centripetal oblique hole. The rest of the workpiece has been finished. The weight is more than 2 tons. The adjustment work is intensive and the auxiliary time is long. Frequent adjustments increase the probability of error. The umbrella-shaped concentric oblique hole is processed for the first time. Program data The compilation must be scientific and rigorous. These issues directly affect the production progress and product quality. Through analysis, according to the technical requirements and process characteristics of the flange, a set of reasonable processing technology and processes were developed, and a set of special tooling fixtures for the flange were designed and manufactured intactly for use on the gantry CNC and floor boring and milling machine rotary table. The entire clamping can be completed in only 10 minutes, which greatly saves the auxiliary time. Moreover, this special tooling fixture is easy to operate, flexible, safe and reliable, and has low production costs. It ensures the processing quality and is suitable for the production of large quantities of parts, shortening the processing schedule. , Significant economic benefits.

    一线员工开展小改革微 创新 活动,以 激发广大 工爱岗敬业、乐于奉献的精神,增强 工学技术、提技能、强素质的主动意识和关心企业技术进步的自觉意识,从而推动 工队伍思想建设和技能素质建设,提高企业的核心竞争力。 The company will mobilize front-line employees to carry out small reforms and micro- innovation activities for a long time , in order to inspire the majority of employees to be dedicated and willing to contribute, to enhance the staff 's initiative to learn technology, improve skills, strengthen the quality and conscious awareness of corporate technological progress, This will promote the ideological and skill building of the workforce and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.