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    The company organized a "rationalization proposal" activity
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    Finding problems from an innovative perspective, focusing on wisdom to promote management

    In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees to participate in the development of the company, improve corporate management and work efficiency, and promote the company's transformation, upgrading, and innovative development.
    The company decided to use 2015 as a "rationalization suggestion" year, to guide and encourage employees to take a position, closely follow the actual situation of work, production, and operation, and in the company's production and operation, management, market expansion, improve work efficiency, improve production quality, reduce costs In terms of energy consumption, improvement of production technology, promotion of technological innovation, promotion of safety and environmental protection, improvement of working conditions, etc., make suggestions and suggestions.
    Since the "rationalization suggestions" activity, the company's employees have actively participated in the submission of dozens of rationalization suggestions. After combing and summarizing, among them, "the processing technology of large flanges and the design of special tooling", "the teacher of a technical school is required to conduct professional "Skill training" and several other rationalization suggestions are highly targeted. These rationalization suggestions involve production, operation, service, basic management, etc. According to the situation and actuality of the recommendations, the company's review team puts forward implementation requirements to relevant departments, clarifies responsibilities, and implements rectification.
    Carrying out the "rationalization suggestions" activity cultivated the sense of mission and responsibility of the majority of cadres and employees, and provided a platform for new ideas and ideas.