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    The company's first employee skills training course in 2015 was successfully concluded
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    10 日,经过 近三个月的理论和技能培训 ,公司2015 年第一期员工 技能 培训圆满结束。 On July 10 , after nearly three months of theoretical and skills training , the company's first phase of employee skills training in 2015 was successfully completed.

    共计 137 参加了 镗铣加工、车床操作、数控编程、焊接工艺、钳工技术,以及公共基础课程,机械制图、公差配合、机械工艺、液压原理等课程 的学习 A total of 137 people from the company participated in the courses of boring and milling, lathe operation, CNC programming, welding technology, fitter technology, and public basic courses, mechanical drawing, tolerance coordination, mechanical technology, and hydraulic principles . ,在 南通、如皋市两级工考办的监督 7 8 日对参培员工进行了 理论知识考试 7月9、10日进行现场实地 操作技能考核 The teachers of Jianghai Technical College took the interactive methods of theoretical explanations, live demonstrations, mutual questions and answers, and teacher comments. Under the supervision of Nantong and Rugao, the two levels of the Industry Examination Office conducted a theoretical knowledge of the participating staff on July 8. Examination , on-site field skills assessment on July 9th and 10th .

    培训,进一步提高了员工技能素质水平 ,其中考核通过中级工 27人,高级工110人, 为企业培养 一支适合自身发展需要的 员工队伍。 Through this training, the staff's skill level was further improved . Among them, 27 were middle-level workers and 110 were senior workers. The company has trained a workforce suitable for its own development needs .