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    YQ68-800 powder forming and extrusion compound press
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    This press is suitable for powder molding and extrusion of moldings, and can realize manual and automatic arbitrary switching.
    Successfully achieved multi-function and multi-station control on the same press, effectively reducing the user's equipment procurement costs and labor costs, and improving work efficiency.
    The press consists of a frame, a main cylinder system, an extrusion cylinder beam, a station switching cylinder, a mold opening and closing cylinder, a mold base pushing cylinder, and a powder forming mold and an extrusion mold.
    Two extrusion cylinders (female molds) are installed on the extrusion cylinder beam, and the order of powder adding, demoulding and extrusion stations can be switched by switching the oil cylinder at the station; the lower mold seat is installed on the workbench, The mold base pushing cylinder controls its forward and backward, so that the mold can be switched and reclaimed according to the different stations.
    The hydraulic system of the press uses an advanced cartridge valve integration system. Each hydraulic component is a famous product. Its working pressure is set to 25mpa. The main cylinder, side cylinder and other important parts are pressure-protected to ensure the equipment. Safe and reliable operation.
    The machine tool's technological actions are controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and equipped with a Mitsubishi touch screen, which can realize process action selection, pressure control, and display of working status, speed, pressure and faults on the touch screen.