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    The company's new orders increased significantly in July
    HITS: 14785, AddTime: 2015/7/21 16:51:54

    Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the severe situation of increasing downward pressure on the economy, weak market, severe shortage of demand, and increasing downward pressure on the economy, the company adheres to the direction of serving customers and serving the market, and promotes product quality upgrades through technological innovation and actively expands. The market opened up the sales situation. In early July alone, new sales orders reached more than 30 million yuan.

    The company has always given top priority to meeting customer needs, continuously strengthening on-site management, optimizing technological processes, and developing a variety of new products to meet the diverse needs of customers. Through the implementation of technical planning, plan formulation, follow-up visits, and customer feedback management modes, focusing on customers and serving customers wholeheartedly. The company optimizes the process, finds the best process parameters, and makes the product quality more stable; discusses the use of the required product with the customer, and tracks and investigates to provide customers with tailored deep-level needs to do a good job. We are not only selling products, but also It is important to sell personalized designs.

    At the same time, the company also made full use of the advantages of online marketing and registered the Nantong Forging WeChat public platform. In the past six months, it has provided consultation to audiences through the WeChat platform online media, which has generated unique market influence and opened another product sales for the company. The door.