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    Company safety officer won the title of "Top Ten Safety Management Star" in Rugao
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    This year, our company's full-time safety officer Miao Kejian (the director of the Safety Management Department) won the title of the "Top Ten Safety Management Stars" in Rugao.
    For a long time, the company attaches great importance to safety production, and conscientiously implements relevant national laws and regulations in terms of safety management, sets full-time safety officers, strictly implements the company's "strict, detailed, and practical" working principles and closely surrounds the company. The work plan and safety goals formulated each year are centered on the construction of safety culture of teams and teams. Through the implementation of "anti-three violations", "non-violation teams", "Ankang Cup", "security month", "behavioral safety", And other activities, strengthened safety training, improved the quality of all employees, and effectively implemented safety hazard investigation and management to ensure the company's safe production throughout the year, prevent various types of accidents, and achieve the company's annual production safety goals.