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    The company was awarded "adherence to justice"
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    6 在如皋 市召开 见义勇为基金募捐动员 我公司积极响应号召,踊跃捐款 5 万元, 被如皋市见义勇为基金会授予“见义勇为先进单位”铜牌。 On September 6 , at the Rugao City 's Jianyiyong mobilization conference for fundraising , our company actively responded to the call and donated 50,000 yuan. Rugao City's Yiyong was awarded the bronze medal of "Seeing the Righteous as an Advanced Unit" by the foundation.

    、匡扶正义、扶危济困,是中华民族的传统美德,是时代精神的具体体现。 Seeing righteousness, helping justice, helping the crisis, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and a concrete manifestation of the spirit of the times. 实际行动 更好地弘扬社会正气, 为推进 弘扬 见义勇为 精神 作出 了应有 的贡献 For a long time, in the course of enterprise development, our company has not forgotten to fulfill its social responsibilities, to give back to the society, to better promote social integrity with practical actions , and to make a due contribution to the promotion of the city's spirit of seeing justice and courage .