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    The company strategically participates in Qianxiang Finance and tests the Internet financial industry
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    In order to continuously promote business transformation and achieve sustainable development, the company has strategically invested in Shanghai Qingxin Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Internet financial platform-Qianxiang Finance through its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Panqing Investment Co., Ltd. The company invested in cash with its own funds this time, and strategically invested in Qianxiang Finance in the form of capital increase and share expansion.

    Qianxiang Finance is an innovative Internet wealth management platform focused on providing financial services to supply chain terminal companies in the consumer sector. It is deeply cultivating specific consumer industries, is based on core business circles and industry associations, and has a strong foundation based on industry fundamentals and supply chain big data. Control system to provide fine and moderate financial support solutions for high-quality SME financing parties, and at the same time to provide safe and stable financial products for Internet financial investors.

    In recent years, the state has continuously supported and encouraged the innovation and development of Internet finance. On November 3, 2015, the "Proposal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Formulating the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" was officially released. "Internet Finance" was included in the national five-year plan proposal for the first time. The industry has gradually moved from the marginal industry of finance to the core of the stage and has entered a more mature era. At the national level, we are firmly committed to improving the quality and efficiency of financial services, building a multi-level financial system, and enabling the development of Internet finance to benefit from policies.

    With the development of the financial industry and the open support of government policies, as a new financial service model relying on the Internet, online lending is leading the entire financial industry to change with its convenient, flexible, convenient, efficient, and accurate features. The development of supply chain finance provides new opportunities.

    Qianxiang Finance provides systemic financing support for supply chains in specific industries by controlling the logistics, capital flow and information flow generated in the transaction of goods and services, which is the trend of the development of Internet finance. Qianxiang Finance is committed to supply chain financial services, building investment and financing bridges between natural persons and SMEs, solving the problems of low personal investment income and difficulty in financing SMEs, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.

    The company's investment in the Internet finance industry is a positive response of the company to the national "Internet +" strategy. It is a useful attempt for the company to enter the Internet finance industry and is of great significance for the company's industrial structure optimization and business format upgrade. The company implemented this investment out of strategic planning and long-term interests, which will help to quickly realize the strategic layout of listed companies in the Internet field, which is in line with the company's future strategic positioning and the interests of all shareholders.